2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 9th Nov 2021


Grand Pine   Hold Me Down

Time Shiel   Together Again

Mo'Ju   Some time

Charlotte Cornfield   Partner in Crime

Nightshift   Make Kin

Dag   Living in the balance

Dean Wareham   Under Skys

Jack Ladder And the dreamlanders   Egomania

Colleen Green   I believe in love

Sweet Nobody   White lies

Laura Stevenson   Continental Divide

Tex Perkins and the fat rubber band   Place in the sun

Ada Lea   Partner

North Arm   Serpent

Tim Shiel   Get into your love

Faye Webster   Kind of

Joan As Police Woman   The Love Has got me

Shining Bird   Black Armband

Lydia Fairhall   Lullaby

Bridgett Bardini   Moving on

Tim Shiel   Sparrow

Cong Josie   Snake Oil Speeder

Velvet Bloom   Run

Lizzie Loveless   Loveless