2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 9th Oct 2019


JP Shiloh   Voodoo Talking

30/70   Tempted

Youth Group   Albion Park Safety Ramp

Swim Team   Grown Up

Campfires   Jackal's Maw

Flying Lotus   Spontaneous

Dande and the Lion   Give Me Something

Gordon Koang   Stand Up (Clap Your Hands)

Hiss Golden Messenger   Bright Direction

Brittany Howard   Baby

Dominic Breen   Ashfield

Hovvdy   Cathedral

Benny Walker   All You Gotta Do Is Call

Bryony Jarman-Pinto   Emerge

Youth Group   Lose Ourselves

Mount Eerie & Julian Dorion   Love Without Possession

Wilco   White Wooden Cross

L-Fresh The Lion   Born To Stand Out

Molly Sarle   This Close

Thigh Master   Entity

Georgia Mulligan   Mirror

Shotgun Jimmie   Sappy Slogans

Larry Gus   Taped Hands Here

Seeker Lover Keeper   Wild Seeds

Africa Express   Johannesburg

SAULT   Feel So Good

Youth Group   Erskineville Nights

Bonniesongs   Coo Coo

Lower Dens   Hand Of God

Godtet   Enumerating

Whitney   Giving Up

Vivian Girls   I'm Far Away

Ruben Neeson   The Sound

Mama Kin Spender   What's Wrong With Me?

Bonnie Prince Billy   At The Back Of The Pit

Thigh Master   Mould Lines

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