7:00pm 11th Aug 2016 :: On The Money

This week On the Money: We look at ASIC’s ‘Take a Minute With Your Money’. This is the Australian Securities and Investment Commission’s attempt to promote financial literacy for Indigenous consumers. So how does it work? Also on the show, fashion corporations are exploiting emerging artists and designers worldwide, by using their designs without permission or remuneration. So how can we protect Australian designers from exploitation?


Show features:
– Nathan Boyle, Analyst for the Indigenous Outreach Program at the Australian Securities and Investment Commission
– Georgia Perry , Melbourne-based Graphic Designer
– Kimberlee Wetherall, Associate Professor at the Sydney Law School

Producers: Jason L’Ecuyer, Vincent Su, Roderick Chambers, Tania Katsanis and Amy Tong

Executive Producer: Roderick Chambers


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