7:00pm 26th Mar 2015 :: On The Money

This week is the second of our in-depth reports on the Intergenerational Report released by Treasurer Joe Hockey.

A report released last year by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia says Australia’s economy will be critically exposed on two significant economic fronts if we do not ensure an appropriate response to climate change.

Yet climate change was largely ignored in the Intergenerational Report in terms of its economic impact. We speak to co-author of the CEDA report, Martijn Wilder, Professor of Climate Change Law at the ANU, JOHN CONNOR, CEO of the Climate Institute, Professor JOHN COLE, Executive Director at the Institute for Resilient Regions, University of Southern Queensland.

We also take a look at the growing push for banks to divest from fossil fuels and the launch of a new Super scheme and Home Loans Broker who claims their investments are all fossil fuel free.

Featuring Future Super and Future Home Loans Managing Director, Simon Sheikh.

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