7:00pm 3rd Nov 2016 :: On The Money

This week On the Money: Housing prices in Australian major cities have been high in recent years, making house ownership a distant dream for young Australians. But they aren’t the only group locked out of the market. Also on the show: South Korea’s political firestorm, as Australia’s fourth largest trading partner deals with allegations of a $70 billion slush fund. And, we look at the new pizza joint firing up family businesses.

Show features:
– Dr Andrea Sharam research fellow in the faculty of Health, Arts and Design at Swinburne University
– Jason Murphy, Economist and publisher at ‘Thomas the Think Engine’
– Pina Gargiulo, co-founder of Red Belly Pizza
– Hyung-A Kim, Associate Professor in the Korea Institute at Australia National University

Producers: Tania Katsanis, Hans Lee and Jason L’Ecuyer

Executive Producer: Roderick Chambers


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