8:00pm 14th Jun 2017 :: Sideways Through Sound

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album 14-06-2017:

The Stevenson Ranch Davidians – ‘Amerikana’

Available through Picture In My Ear

Dwayne Seagraves guest selects Spotlight Selections HERE


Rob Noyes Ash :: The Feudal Spirit

Kazuo Tsubouchi with Kakkoii Wakamono Tachi Like A Wind :: Like A Flower, Like A Wind

The Stevenson Ranch Davidians Love Is A Big Light :: Amerikana


Phonographics In From The Outside :: Thought Loops EP

The Laurels Some Other Time :: Sonicology

The Black Ryder Outside :: Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride


The Stevenson Ranch Davidian's Dwayne Seagraves guest selects: Spotlight Selections ::

The Stevenson Ranch Davidians Holy Life :: Amerikana

1. John Lennon Imagine :: Imagine

2. The Byrds Draft Morning :: The Notorious Byrd Brothers

3. Lee Hazlewood My Autumn's Done Come :: The Very Special World Of...

4. The Stevenson Ranch Davidians Om g :: Amerikana


Anthony Pasquarosa The Robbing Of The Northfield Bank :: Abbandonato Da Dio Nazione

Chuck Johnson Calamus :: Balsams

Mark McGuire Smile From Up North :: Ideas Of Beginnings


The Stevenson Ranch Davidians Hard Livin' :: Amerikana

Mt. Mountain Floating Eyes :: Dust

Chatham Rise Gone :: Live on Part Time Punks, KXLU 88.9 Los Angeles, Ca.


Sundays & Cybele Tell Me The Name Of That Flower :: Chaos & Systems

Three Dimensional Tanx Trip Hazard :: Attack

Sacred Shrines The Hunter :: Trail To Find EP


The Stevenson Ranch Davidians PsyOp :: Amerikana


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