Heavy Demo ft. Amanda Acevedo & Mick Harvey

Amanda Acevedo and Mick Harvey join me this week to explore their album of duets “Phantasmagoria in Blue”. All the music is curated by Amanda and Mick. We chat about the stimulus for the record, influences for the record and the making of the record. Towards the end of the episode we spend a bit of time talking about The Birthday Party to celebrate the release of Ian White’s new documentary about “Mutiny In Heaven”. The Birthday Party tracks featured at the end are all Mick Harvey compositions.

Amanda and Mick perform “Phantasmagoria in Blue” at the Great Club in Marrickville on November 24th with support from another friend of the show Lo Carmen.

“Mutiny in Heaven” is currently on at The Ritz in Randwick, The Dendy in Newtown and The Golden Age Cinema in Surry Hills.

I snuck on two of my favourite Mick Harvey tracks “I Wish I Were Stone” and his interpretation of Fred Neil’s “Just a Little Bit of Rain”.


Mick Harvey   I Wish I Were Stone

Mick Harvey & Amanda Acevedo   Phantasmagoria in 2

Mick Harvey & Amanda Acevedo   The One & Only

Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra   Sand

Lee Hazlewood & Nina Libel   Vem Kan Segla Förutan Wind

Mick Harvey & Amanda Acevedo   Indian Summer

Silvio Rodriguez   Sueño con Seprientes

Jackson C Frank   Blues Run the Game

Mick Harvey & Amanda Acevedo   Trapeze

Leonard Cohen & The Webb Sisters   If it Be Your Will

Tim Buckley   The River

Mick Harvey & Amanda Acevedo   Al Alba

Alain Johannes   Mermaid’s Scream

Mark Lanegan   Phantasmagoria Blues

PJ Harvey   On Battleship Hill

Mick Harvey & Amanda Acevedo   The Decadence of Lust

The Birthday Party   Mutiny in Heaven

The Birthday Party   Just You & Me

The Birthday Party   Big-Jesus-Trash-Can

The Birthday Party   6” Gold Blade

The Birthday Party   Wild World

Mick Harvey   Just a Little Bit of Rain

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