Another Angle :: 1:00pm 14th Jan 2018

Original air date - Another Angle :: 2:00pm 10th Jan 2018

As promised - here's the link to my Spotify Playlist of songs to create to - almost 300 tracks spanning many genres. No bad vibes over here, boo boo. Click on the pic to go to the link!

mr. fiel   awakening of the nature

jimini & luv jam   in the working day

dj cam   gangsta shit

death and vanilla   dioz delirium

tim reaper   oh gosh

stereolab   ping pong

l'orange and oddisee   look around

al fingers   what's goin' on

jo jo zep   shape i'm in (dub mix)

i. benjahman   father's intrunctions (vox dub)

the pentangle   people on the highway

the city   paradise alley

kevin ayers   song for insane times

master plan inc   try it

little ann   the smile on your face

k.gyasi guitar band   nye mani kan

the apostles   faith, luck and music

el buho   chucum (nicola cruz remix)

poison man   vicious storm

milo   paging mr. bill nunn

blockhead   uncleback

quilt   hissing my plea

happy mondays   kinky afro (euromix)

lk   been a long time

theo parrish   early byrd

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