Chimes :: 12:00pm 11th Jul 2020

I fell in love with the bands associated around the C86 era, so was slightly annoyed at the onslaught from the English press who had little hope for their longevity. Time has proven how wrong they were. One of my favourite groups from that strangely aligned group of musicians, The Wolfhounds have continued to make fantastic great music. (We’ll hear something from their excellent Electric Music soon). On this edition of Chimes we take to a listen to some of their fantastic back catalog. As well – the mighty Pavement and a flurry of bands who took inspiration from them.

Track: Never Been To Texas
Artist: Power of Dreams
Release: Immigrants, Emigrants, and Me
Label: Polydor

Track: Summer Baby
Artist: Pavement
Release: Slanted And Enchanted
Label: Matador

Track: Rudy
Artist: Sammy
Release: Sammy
Label: Smells Like Records

Track: Callous Makers
Artist: Spool
Release: Callous Makers 7″
Label: Derivative Records

Track: She Can’t Ride From Radios
Artist: Butterglory
Release: Cursive
Label: Little Brother Records

Track: It Could Be Anyone
Artist: The Go-Betweens
Release: Send Me A Lullaby
Label: Missing Link

Track: Testify
Artist: Eleventh Dream Day
Release: Beet
Label: Atlantic

Track: Amnesia
Artist: Sneaky Feelings
Release: Sentimental Education
Label: Flying Nun

Track: Sandy
Artist: The Wolfhounds
Release: Unseen Ripples From A Pebble Expanded
Label: Optic Nerve Recordings

Track: Boy Racer RM1
Artist: The Wolfhounds
Release: Hands in the Till: the Complete John Peel Sessions
Label: A Turntable Friend

Track: Rent Act
Artist: The Wolfhounds
Release: Bright And Guilty
Label: Midnight Music

Track: Let Go Of Your Bad Days
Artist: The Salteens
Release: Let Go Of Your Bad Days
Label: Drive-In Records

Track: Felicity
Artist: The Cannanes With Explosion Robinson
Release: Trouble Seemed So Far Away
Label: Lamingtone