Chimes :: The Hanging Stars 12th Sep 2020

The Hanging Stars offer a jangling variant on Cosmic Americana with their latest release, A New Kind of Sky. However, this west coast sounding quintet aren’t from the USA, but rather from London town, mixing desert haze with grey rain. Also from the UK, the debut album from Jetstream Pony, who are anything but debutantes. Featuring the vocals of Beth Arzy (from longtime favs of mine in Aberdeen) this is a supergroup of musicians with excellent indiepop credentials.

We’re also featuring new tracks from Elrichman, Nature TV and the classic sounds of The Turtles, Suede Crocodiles and Grenadine.

Track: Hometown
Artist: Nature TV
Release: Lady Luck EP
Label: Heist or Hit

Track: Stop The Rain
Artist: Suede Crocodiles
Release: Seeds I : Pop
Label: Cherry Red

Track: Samantha Rain
Artist: Quinn The Eskimo
Release: The Mountain Is A Dandy
Label: Summerhouse Records

Track: I’ve Had Eyes For You
Artist: The Triangles
Release: A Tray of Cards
Label: Half A Cow

Track: I Only Have Eyes For You
Artist: Grenadine
Release: Goya
Label: TeenBeat

Track: I’ve Seen The Summer In Her Eyes
Artist: The Hanging Stars
Release: A New Kind of Sky
Label: Crimson Crow

Track: You Baby
Artist: The Turtles
Release: The Turtles Greatest Hits
Label: Rhino Records

Track: Little Girl
Artist: Syndicate of Sound
Release: Syndicate Of Sound
Label: Performance Records

Track: Cheryl
Artist: Woollen Kits
Release: Four Girls
Label: Trouble in Mind

Track: Locust Valley
Artist: Women
Release: Public Strain
Label: Jagjaguwar

Track: Choices
Artist: The Leave Me Alones
Release: Be Alone EP
Label: Self Released

Track: Trapped in Amber
Artist: Jetstream Pony
Release: Jetstream Pony
Label: Shelflife Records

Track: I See Her Face
Artist: Elrichman
Release: Heaven’s Mayor
Label: Bobo Integral

Track: Cath
Artist: The Bluebells
Release: The Bluebells
Label: Sire