Chimes :: 12:00pm 14th Sep 2019

A focus on ’80s band McCarthy plus Housemartins, Summer Flake, Look Blue Go Purple and much more on this episode. McCarthy are one of my favourite jangly bands formed in the UK in  1984. They mixed a melodic style, dominated by Tim Gane’s 12-string guitar playing, with Malcolm Eden’s overtly political lyrics, often satirical in tone, which reflected the band’s far-left leanings. Tim Gane of course went on to form the much loved Stereolab.


Bart and The Bedazzled   Grownups Blue Motel

The Housemartins   Happy Hour London 0 Hull 4

Woollen Kits   Girl With Heart Girl With Heart 7

Summer Flake   In The Dark Seasons Change

Workhorse   Alone No Sun

Campfires   I'll Go Home Fare Trax

McCarthy   In Purgatory That's All Very Well But... The Best Of McCarthy

McCarthy   Well of Loneliness I Am A Wallet

McCarthy   An Address To The Better Off The Enraged Will Inherit The Earth

The Lorimer Sound   Photograph Green Streets

Field Mice   When You Sleep Emma's House EP

The Bodines   Decide Decide 12"

SMILE   Born Again Life Choices

Look Blue Go Purple   In Your Favour Still Bewitched

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