Chimes :: 12:00pm 15th Aug 2020

Coming up on Chimes at midday, a feature on a much loved Sydney band (although originally from Canberra), The Crystal Set. (Thanks Don for the suggestion!) They created memorable catchy pop music with a psych twist, preferring to say it was “psychedelic in an ’80s sense.”

We kick off with a slice of jangly excellence from LA’s @Smokescreens, stunning lush pop from The Explorers Club and Gary Olson plus Even As We Speak, Blueboy and Levitation Room.

Track: Fork in the Road
Artist: Smokescreens
Release: A Strange Dream
Label: Slumberland Record

Track: Diamond
Artist: Empty Country
Release: Empty Country
Label: Get Better Records

Track: House on Fire
Artist: Tom Curless & the 46%
Release: Almost Ready for the Future
Label: Self released

Track: A Dream for a Memory
Artist: Gary Olson
Release: Gary Olson
Label: Tapete Records

Track: Por primera vez
Artist: Hank Idory
Release: Por primera vez
Label: Self Released

Track: Cosmopolitan
Artist: Blueboy
Release: Unisex
Label: Sarah Records

Track: Benefit Of The Doubt
Artist: The Crystal Set
Release: From Now On
Label: Red Eye Records

Track: She Spits Out Stars
Artist: The Crystal Set
Release: Almost Pure
Label: Red Eye Records

Track: A Furious Mess
Artist: The Crystal Set
Release: Umbrella
Label: Red Eye Records

Track: Child
Artist: Even As We Speak
Release: Adelphi
Label: Shelflife Records

Track: Thread of Light
Artist: Pale Saints
Release: In Ribbons
Label: 4AD

Track: Somewhere Else
Artist: The Explorers Club
Release: The Explorers Club
Label: Goldstar Record

Track: Dream (within a Dream)
Artist: Levitation Room
Release: Headspace
Label: Greenway Records