Chimes :: 12:00pm 19th Dec 2020

Full Power Happy Hour are an alt-country folk pop family band from Meanjin/Brisbane who aim to shake the audience from their apathy through impassioned lyrics, joyful instrumentation and heart-stirring harmonies. We’re featuring a recent single of theirs plus plenty of old/new jangle from Adorable, Teethe, West Coast Music Club and The Verlaines.

Track: Get Along
Artist: Jacky Boy
Release: Get Along
Label: Darling Recordings

Track: Tyler Has Scammed Us
Artist: Sunnyvale Disaster
Release: Tyler Has Scammed Us EP
Label: Self Released

Track: I’ll Be Your Saint
Artist: Adorable
Release: Footnotes 92-94
Label: Cherry Red Records

Track: Long Goodbye
Artist: West Coast Music Club
Release: Long Goodbye
Label: Self Released

Track: Ten Thousand Reasons
Artist: Icecream Hands
Release: No Weapon But Love
Label: Self Released

Track: December
Artist: Teenage Fanclub
Release: Bandwagonesque
Label: Creation Records

Track: Old Mind of Mine
Artist: Full Power Happy Hour
Release: Old Mind of Mine
Label: Self Released

Track: Giant Man
Artist: Teethe
Release: Giant Man
Label: Self Released

Track: Dusty Bushworms
Artist: Guided By Voices
Release: Get Out Of My Stations
Label: Siltbreeze

Track: Let The Dog Out
Artist: Juice Webster
Release: Let The Dog Out
Label: Self Released

Track: First Fire
Artist: Red Cavalry
Release: First Fire
Label: Self Released

Track: Pyromaniac
Artist: The Verlaines
Release: Juvenilia [EP’s 1982-85]
Label: Flying Nun

Track: The Trial of Dr.Fancy
Artist: The King of Luxembourg
Release: London Pavilion Volume Two (Various Artists)
Label: El Records

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