Chimes :: 12:00pm 23rd Nov 2019

In focus, a mighty pop band from Perth who moved to Sydney in the ’80s, Rabbit’s Wedding. Inspired by the young local band The Triffids, they supported them and many of their other inspirations including The Go Betweens, The Church and The Lighthouse Keepers. They released a handful of records and disappeared. Paul Watling has continued (along with former band member Philip Rawlinson) to make excellent music as Dusken Lights – will hear a selection from all the releases mentioned. As well, ’80s Scottish pop legends Scars, Brooklyn’s Chris Cohen and from China, All Romantic Days.


Warmer   Get So High, Can't Get Down Get So High I Can't Get Down EP

Chris Cohen   Green Eyes Chris Cohen

La Buena Vida   Menta Y Agua Aperitivo (Compilation)

Field Mice   Song Six The Autumn Store Part 2 7"

Rabbits Wedding   Rideout Rideout 7"

Rabbits Wedding   Next The River In Truth About Road

Dusken Lights   Skindiver In The Service Of Spring

Pure Moods   Tide Upward Spiral

Scars   All About You Author! Author!

All Romantic Days   She Says May I Waste Your Time

Star Tropics   Summer Rain Summer Rain // Swept Away

The Shining Hour   Thinking About Her Thinking About Her

Seashells   Beatrice Sunshine Eyes E.P.

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