Chimes :: 12:00pm 27th Jun 2020

Tasmanian DC Cardwell, who has a deep love of classic ’60s/’70s AM friendly pop music, showcases his wonderful songwriting on his latest album Crystal Set. We’ll hear from fellow Aussie jangle lovers in The Lucksmiths and Secret Towns plus Kane Strang, Pie and Boyce & Hart.

Track: I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonite
Artist: The Explorers Club
Release: To Song and Be Born Again
Label: Goldstar Records

Track: The Ambushers
Artist: Boyce & Hart
Release: Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart
Label: Raven Records

Track: I Can’t Run Fast Enough
Artist: DC Cardwell
Release: Crystal Set
Label: Madcar Records

Track: Up With the Sun
Artist: The Lucksmiths
Release: First Frost
Label: Lost and Lonesome

Track: So Long
Artist: The Jangle Band
Release: The Metro Hotel EP
Label: Self Released

Track: Ghosts of American Astronauts
Artist: Mekons
Release: Heaven & Hell
Label: Cooking Vinyl USA

Track: Grin
Artist: Mild Orange
Release: Mild Orange
Label: Self Released

Track: Full Moon, Hungry Sun
Artist: Kane Strang
Release: Blue Cheese
Label: Ba Da Bing

Track: Panama
Artist: The Light Sleepers
Release: We Are Gathering Dust
Label: Faux Discs

Track: The Lost Expedition
Artist: Pie
Release: Strictly Seance
Label: Big Top Records

Track: Purple
Artist: The Bush
Release: Ricotta
Label: Self Release

Track: Kevin’s Walking
Artist: Secret Town
Release: Maps
Label: Self Released

Track: When We Were 21
Artist: Basil
Release: Vanilla Girl
Label: Cloudberry Records

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