Chimes :: 12:00pm 28th Dec 2019

Straight out of Cambridge in 1987, The Poppyheads released a brilliant one off single on the Sarah Record imprint, one of the records that still has indiepop collectors scrambling to this day. There was a flexi disc before that and I’ve read of a demo tape that circulated on mailing lists – I’ve yet to hear either. The one single was enough to endear them and it’s a prized possession in my 7″collection. There will be more Sarah releases to share in the coming weeks. As well, one of my favourite releases of 2019, Purple Mountains offset by the brilliance of Lou Reed plus Lost Film, Hit The Jackpot and Gaarden.


Ricked Wicky   Jargon of Clones King Heavy Metal

Hit the Jackpot   In The Hearse Holiday

The Room   Here Comes The Floor (Peel) Peel Sessions

Able Tasmans   What Was That Thing A Cuppa Tea And A Lie Down

The Poppyheads   Dreamabout Air Balloon Road (Compilation)

Stephen's Shore   Ocean Blue Ocean Blue 7"

Gaarden   Shiny Day Shiny Day

Lost Film   Enough Zero Summer

The Charlottes   Can You Say You Really Feel C89 (Compilation)

The Brilliant Corners   Southern Mystery Growing Up Absurd

Purple Mountains   Snow Is Falling in Manhattan Purple Mountains

Lou Reed   Coney Island Baby Coney Island Baby

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