Chimes :: 12:00pm 28th Sep 2019

Our focus on this episode is on a band described by Allmusic as “one of the best classic guitar pop bands in the late ’80s/early ’90s.” The Sneetches were an American indie pop/power pop band formed in San Francisco in 1985, who released several albums before splitting up in the mid-1990s. The blended the glorious harmonies of bands like the Zombies and The Left Banke at a time when Grunge was the dominant musical force. One my absolute favourites. As well, the excellent new compilation on the Popboomerang label from Melbourne which packs 37 incredible bands on it’s release, plus Bomb Pops, Hills Hoist, Shop Assistants and Teenage Fanclub.


The Lost Ships   All of the Pieces All of the Pieces

Smiles   Gone For Good Gone For Good 7"

Teenage Fanclub   I'm In Love Here

Bomb Pops   Girl Daredevil Girl Daredevil 7"

The Sneetches   In A Perfect Place Sometimes That's All We Have

The Sneetches   54 Hours Lights Out! With The Sneetches

The Sneetches   Things We'll Never See Slow

Livingstone Daisies   Live On The Run Shake Yer Popboomerang Volume 3

Ronson Hangup   Tragic Shake Yer Popboomerang Volume 3

Inverted Jenny   Cosmic Crush Cosmic Crush

The Shop Assistants   Somewhere In China Safety Net EP

Redspencer   Spare Me Perks

Hills Hoist   What's The Big Idea Hibernation

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