Chimes :: 12:00pm 30th Nov 2019

A blend of old and new on this week’s Chimes, bringing you the best in melodic guitar pop from across the globe. Excellent new sounds from The Young Sinclairs, Melbourne’s Program (on the always reliable ANTI-FADE imprint), Romantic States and classic jangle sounds from The Popguns, Guided By Voices and The Cannanes and a daily double from Great Outdoors (’80s UK & recent Melb group).


The Popguns   Landslide Eugenie

Dutiful Daughters   Feigning Fade A Superfluity Of Nuns

The Young Sinclairs   Truth Can't Be Tried Out of The Box

The Rockin' Berries   The Water Is Over My Head Quick Before They Catch Us

Arbor Labor Union   Flowerhead Flowerhead

Doug Tuttle   If You Need Someone Dream Road

The Great Outdoors   World At My Shoes Making Allowances For The Jargon

Great Outdoors   New Skin Dad's Oasis

The Collected Fictions   Talk The Collected Fictions EP

Guided By Voices   Let's Ride Forever Since Breakfast

Romantic Things   Ballerina Ballerina

Program   Tailwind Blues Show Me

The Killjoys   I Want To Tell You Something Shake Yer Popboomerang Volume 3

The Cannanes   Eating Biscuits Broken Bottles EP

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