Chimes :: 12:00pm 9th Jan 2021

The Fangin’ Felines are a quartet from Wollongong that offer up a dash of rock n roll, pop, 60s garage & swamp blues with lush girl group harmonies. They cover a classic early track from the Scientists on their latest EP and set the tone for a show with BITE. As well, Husker Du, Kurt Vile, Boomgates and recent releases from
Adele Pickvance & the Chandeliers and Hala.

Track: Somehow
Artist: Hala
Release: Red Herring
Label: Cinematic Music Group

Track: Frantic Romantic (Scientists cover)
Artist: The Fangin’ Felines
Release: Fangin’ Felines 6 track EP
Label: Self Released

Track: Cows Come Home
Artist: Boomgates
Release: Double Natural
Label: Bedroom Suck

Track: Treasure
Artist: Adele & The Chandeliers
Release: First Date
Label: Pretty Olivia Records

Track: I Don’t Love Anyone
Artist: Belle and Sebastian
Release: Tigermilk
Label: Matador

Track: Always In Bloom
Artist: Nutrients
Release: Nutrients
Label: Self Released

Track: A Night at the Little Los Angeles
Artist: Kevin Morby
Release: Sundowner
Label: Dead Oceans

Track: Dandelions
Artist: Kurt Vile
Release: Speed, Sound, Lonely KV (EP)
Label: Matador

Track: Wild Heart
Artist: Scott & Charlene’s Wedding
Release: Any Port in a Storm
Label: Bedroom Suck

Track: It’s Not Peculiar
Artist: Husker Du
Release: Warehouse: Songs And Stories
Label: Warner Bros.

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