Crossroads :: 10:00pm 5th Nov 2022


Ray Hoff   Crazy Arms

Cyndi Boste   Don't Go There

The Wilson Pickers   Country Fair

Mark Lucas   Jukebox Jury

Strings of Life   The Starliners

Rob Luckey & the Lucky Bastards   Stage Door Lights

The Dennis Brothers   Acting the Fool

Jeremy Edwards & the Dust Radio Band   Stay Hungry

Tex Perkins   Lost Highway

Dan Sultan   Dingo

Andy Blaylor   Fat Sound Stomp

The White Liners   Un-Tamworthy

Suzannah Espie   Time

Mooney Valley Drifters   Rain on My Window

Johnny Green's Blues Cowboys   Say Mama

Peter Lillie   Birth of the Ute

The Mezcaltones   Six Days on the Road

Bakersfield Glee Club   Never a Care

Lisa Miller   No Place to Fall

Hard Road   Alive & Kicking

The Western Distributors   Walking Home

Feral Swing Cats   Backbay Shuffle

Bryen Willems   Honkytonk Song

Kim Cheshire   That's Right

Satellite V   Mullet Man Bop

Reo Rivers   Road Train

J D Love   Let it Rain

The O'Fays   Sin City Blues

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