Dirt Music :: 1:00pm 1st Aug 2020


Kathleen Edwards Option Open ::

Gillian Welch Strange Isabella ::

S. G Goodman Old Time Feelings ::

Little Wise Johanna ::

Jen Cloher Sensory Memory ::

Dan Reeder You'll Never Surf Again ::

Weeping Willows Wheels Won't Roll ::

Arna Georgia Story For The Kids ::

Arna Georgia Story For The Kids ::

Fleetwood Mac Albatros ::

Fleetwood Mac Oh Well Parts ! & 2 ::

Fleetwood Mac Black Magic Woman ::

Fleetwood Mac Man Of The World ::

Dive Team 5 Power And The Passion ::

William Onyeabor Atomic Bomb ::

Carla Geneve Listening ::

Pokey La Farge Hard Times Come And Go ::

Dirty Three Everything's Fucked ::

Hannah Francis That Night ::

Cass Hopetoun Typical Bride ::

Dan Challis No Lonely Road ::

Anita Spring This Ain't Pretty ::

Grace Amos Listen Real Closely ::

Sylvie Simmons Sweet California ::

George Jones I've Got Five Dollars & It's Saturday Night ::

Giant Sand The Beat Goes On ::

Kev Carmody Black Deaths In Custody ::

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