Dirt Music :: 1:00pm 25th Jul 2020


Dan Penn   Clean Slate

Hussy Hicks   Gather Up People

Gillian Welch   Mighty Good Book

Luka Bloom   Bittersweet Crimson

Paul Kelly and Paul Grabowsky   Please Leave Your Light On

Dan Reeder   Clean Elvis

Margo Price   That's How Rumours Get Started

Angus Gill   3 Minute Movie

Melody Moko   Last Cigarette

Courtney Marie Andrews   How You Get Hurt

Emitt Rhodes   You Take The Dark Out Of The Night

Shirley Collins   Barbara Allen

Matthew Halsall & Gondwana   When The World Was One

Harlem River Drive   Theme

Gordi   Volcanic

Don Walker   The Way You Are Tonight

Sunnyside   Red Hot

Norma, Vissa, Katrna, Nyaanti, Vivica   Can't See My Baby (Cos I'm Locked Down)

Nyaanti, Katrina, Vivica, Gemma   Can't Stop The Clock

James   Make Believe Queen

Michael   Jasper Walls

Simon, David, Carl and Keith   Blues in E ward

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