Down Low Disco :: 8:00pm 20th Jun 2017


Son Of Sound   Your Voodoo's Broken 29-05-07

Leo James   The Surface 31-05-17

Sterac Electronics   Metatron 10-06-17

UMFANG   Sweep 16-06-17

Kaltrees   Gunnar Haslam 02-06-17

TOMISLAV   Stones 09-06-17

Show You' Leo James Radio remix   Heart People

Dauwd   Analogische Memories

Bias   maschinedream

Iljus Wifmo   Submerge

Trigger Warning (Fracture Remix)   Technimatic

Fracture ft Inaya Day   Cold & Rain

Addison Groove x dBridge x Kabuki   Dot Hot

Crypticz   Forever

Zed Bias   Coral Mist

Stickleback   Thank you

Able8 (Melbournite RaptorHandz)   Seratonone 20-06-17

Peaking Lights   Coyote Ghost Melodies

Endgrain   Heavy Lifting 16-06-17

Cop Envy   Head Mark

UMFANG   Pop 16-06-17

Biz   City Lights

Mark Maxwell   Help This Woman

Danny B   Dual Fussion 12-06-17

Zenn In Space (organiiq)   Lotus

Sondrio   Again 30-06-17

Yantar   Somerville & Wilson

Colonel Red   The Same Stop Game

Daktyl   Wasp 12b 20-06-17