Down Low Disco :: 8:00pm 6th Feb 2018

I’m Lorna Clarkson – your DJ and host – and the next two hours you and I will be checking out some of the best new electronic music that is being made around the world.

Like the brand new Moire album due out next week on Ghostly International. We first met up with Moire back in 2014 for a B-Side session where he took us through some of the music HE listens to when he’s off duty. If you have never checked out our Down Low Disco B-Side Sessions then you should check them out on Mixcloud as we have everyone from Moire to Krust to Herbert to the very next man I am about to chat about. John Tejada..

John also has a brand new album due to land this week on Kompakt Records. True to his Pallette style, John takes a journey through bubbling electronic dancefloor music like no-one else and tonight my plan is to play you a selection of tracks across the release to give you a sense of the journey.

I start tonight though with a Sydney producer who is starting to bubble up i all the right places. Due out on Conspiracy Music next week, this is Imitate by Harrison Morris.


Harrison Morris   Imitate (Original Mix) 15-Feb-2018

Peggy Gou   Han Jan 2-Mar-2018

Dreams   What We Become 26-Jan-2018

Sevensol & Bender   Driftwood 16-Feb-2018

Freezse   Louis Guillaume 18-Feb-2018

The Looping Generation   John Tejada 10-Feb-2018

Nightwave   Limelight 2-Feb-2018

Zepherin Saint   Skyy (Dub Mix) 23-Feb-2018

Moire   Magma Dream 17-Feb-2018

WQ456   RGL 12-Jan-2018

Moire   Opium 17-Feb-2018

Tracey   Testarossa 12-Feb-2018

Nightwave   Sanctuary 2-Feb-2018

Barking   Pathos 5-Feb-2018

Pathos   Muta 26-Jan-2018

Cocktail Party Effect   Black Snow 16-Feb-2018

Ulysses   No Matter How Many Hastags You Use You'll Still Die Alone 15 Feb 18

Harrison Morris   Lifestyle (Original Mix) 15-Feb-2018

John Tejada   Hypochondriac 10-Feb-2018

Coward   Bend Back 15-Feb-2018

Moire   Auteur (Outro) 17-Feb-2018

Dabyre   Culture Shuffle (feat. Kadence Intricate Dialect & Silas Green) 16-Feb-2018

Marly Lüske   Five Fires 26-Jan-2018

Dabyre   Tunnel Vision (feat. Guilty Simpson) 16-Feb-2018

Albrecht La'Brooy   Darby Saddle 2-Feb-2018

Mother of Mars   Mother of Mars - Seed 2 Sky (Graintable Remix) PM 9-Feb-2018

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