Heavy Demo ft. Sam Wilkinson [15th Jan 2023]

Cracking Episode here. Please enjoy Sam Wilkinson’s curation, plenty of beautiful selections here.


The Beatles   Cry For A Shadow

Love   August

Anonymus   Pick Up And Run

Baker's Pace   Starless Eyes / Watch You Fall

Freelove Fenner   Mint

XTC   Ten Feet Tall

Broadcast   Goodbye Girls

Guided By Voices   Chicken Blows

Guided By Voices   Small World

Guided By Voices   My Impression Now

Shrapnel   Heavy Metal Singlet

Cluster   Caramel

Mort Garson   Ode To An African Violet

BP   Captain Of The Spinning Wheel

The Stevens   Living Out Of A Bag

The Stevens   King Hit

Possible Humans   The Thumps

Husker Du   Real World

Chimers   Zen Arcade

Mission To Burma   Ballard of Johnny Burma

Uncle Pit   SDRO

Camel   Airborne

Anonymus   Sweet Lilal

Shrapnel   Golden Cask

Shrapnel   Corporate Clamp

King Tears Mortuary   Safe Sex

The Great Unwashed   Hold On To The Rail

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