Jumping The Gap :: 12:00pm 13th Sep 2017

Madison McKoy at 20 x 20 Thurs 14 Sep Tix/Deets

Afrobrasiliana Late Night Jam #002 feat Oyobi 14 Oct Tix/Deets

Global Rhythms Festival for Sydney Fringe 24 Sep Tix/Line-up


Mytron & Ofofo   2Tac Onana

Obatala   Shades of September

Olinga Gaston   Ngon Engap

Nedra   Get Up And Dance

Xtasy   Let Your Body Go (Instrumental) / Isale-Eko

Xtasy   Eje Ka Jo (Groovescooter’s Wagasi Dub)

Pat’ Ndoye   More Love

Grace Barbe   Afro-Sega (Tony Allen remix)

Scott Grooves   KMS Kenya Mozambique Senegal

Roland Clark   Speak To Me (acapella)

Tito Puente   Africa Linda (Jose Marquez Remix feat QVLN)

Kay-Gees   Get Down

Kool & The Gang   Gift Of Love (Young Pulse rework)

Kwick   You’re The Kind Of Girl That I Like

Crown Heights Affair   I Don't Want To Change You

Floyd Beck   Party is The Solution (Dr Dunk edit)

Kool & the Gang   Music Is The Message (Facks Edit)

Funkshone   Purification (Kenny Dope Remix)

Kashif   Stone Love


Aretha Franklin   Who’s Zoomin’ Who

Stevie Wonder   If You Really Love Me

Madison McKoy   My T.V. Screen

Curtis Mayfield   You Are You Are

James Taylor Quartet feat. Noel McKoy   Love The Life

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