Love Buzz :: 8:00pm 30th Jul 2022


The Almighty Defenders   All My love 2009

Power Solo   Jungle Mungle 2018

Jon Spencer   Beetle Boots 2018

Reverend Beat man   Jesus Christ Twist 2007

The What Four   I’m Gonna Destroy That Boy 1966

Anna Karina   Roller Girl 1967

The pleasure Seekers   What a Way to Die 1965

The Headcoatees   Evil Thing 1992

The Gories   Hey Hey Were the Gories 1994

The Cannibals   Mumbo Jumbo 1982

The Chesterfield Kings   99th floor 1982

The Makers   Look both ways 1994

Kemeko Matsudaira   Kemeko song 1969

Sandy Edmonds   Come See Me 1979

The Luv’d Ones   Yeah I’m feeling fine 1966

Zuma   Night of the Sadist 1989

Dickies   Banana Splits 1979

Man or Astroman   400000.37 Miles (Breaking The Sanity Barrier) 1997

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