Mighty Reel :: 2:00pm 13th Jan 2023


UGLY MAC BEER   Les Choeurs Perdus

Seany Bsta   You're in love

Sonny Ism   Can't remember forgetting you

Doctor Robot   The Pool

Mr Vox   Go Deeper

Matt Play   Right Here

South Side Coalition   Dont you wanna get down

Wood Brass Steel   Funkanova

Bayo Damilo   Listen to the music

NSUE   Rebelde Silueta

Underground System   Into the FIre

Crystal Disco Band   Nuclear Night

Amp Fiddler   Can we pretend

Jacques   Vous

Close Counters   In need of love

Wayne Snow   Under the moon

Cochemaea   Tukaria

Los abuelos de lad nade   Mil Horas

Milton   Mizik Nou

Lisa Leblanc   Dan I Juls

Nico Gomez   Lupita (DK edit)

shinichiro Yokota   Right here Right now!

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