Razors Edge :: 7:00pm 15th Sep 2022

On tonight’s show:

Co-living and the Grey Zone of Tenancy Laws

Shared accommodation is now becoming an everyday reality.  Many are faced with spiralling rent rates and then there’s also the high cost of living in Sydney.   There’s also  little relief that changes to laws to do with tenants rights in  shared accommodation continues to be on hold.

And what about the rights of  boarding house residents which is going to be part of this law. Razors Edge Reporter Producer Wendy Frew has the latest.   Interviewee : NSW Greens Minister Jenny Leong and NSW Member of NSW Legislative Council (ALP) Rose Jackson.

Save the Koalas in Campbelltown the threatened koalas from our development encroachment  over their habitat.  How to manage human behaviour then,  so they can keep staying in the backyards of the Greater Sydney suburb of Campbelltown. 

Contributing Reporter: Ele Godley  Interviewee: Save Sydney Koalas Policy Development  Officer Merrill Witt

Akira Isogawa’s Mentoring on Fashion and Sustainability – Australia’s Fashion Royalty, Akira Isogawa will give a lending hand to students at UTS passionate about sustainability and fashion.  UTS Senior Lecturer at the School of Design, Todd Robinson says Akira’s lifetime experience will strengthen the university’s focus on design, technology, history and sustainability.  He will be guiding PhD students with their practice-based research projects. Contributing Interviewer: Susan Hu  Interviewee: UTS Senior Lecturer at the School of Design Todd Robinson.

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