Razors Edge :: 7:00pm 28th Jul 2022

On tonight’s show: 

Maria’s Eviction

Many older residents in Sydney are facing homelessness as soaring rental costs compound pressure on growing waitlists for social housing.  69-year old Maria is one of them. As the Sydney property market tightens and she faces eviction, there is little rental housing options available for a pensioner like her.     Reporter/Producer: Wendy Frew

Emotional Attachment to Devices

Our increased use of devices which interact with our human senses and daily routines, are making us form emotional attachments to our devices. While Relationships Australia NSW also points to information, indicating  many of us check our devices –  58 times a day.

Contributing Reporter Nadyat El Gawley went out on the streets to find out how the rest of Sydney feels about their devices… good or bad. 

Sound Touch – A music and sound performance asking that you hear it through your body.

Damien Ricketson is the Sydney-based composer and his work is characterised by colourful sound-worlds, novel forms and multisensory in nature.

He asks the audience to imagine music that bypasses the brain and penetrates your skin, playing on your nervous system, so to speak. Reporter/Producer: Annamarie Reyes


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