Shadows of Tomorrow :: 8:00pm 22nd Jan 2018

Tonight we’re broadcasting from inner space, bringing bleeps beats & musical atmospheres from the far reaches of the human imagination.



Kundan Lal   Hmmrs

DJ Sotofett   Acid Site Mix

Mother of Mars   Seed 2 Sky

Redshape   Blink

G-Prod   D-Light

Stacey Pullen   Tsunami

Quiet Daze   November

Spark O   Eolianite

Tracey   Testarossa

Tracey   Interceptor

Alphonse   Nosecrack

Mule Driver   Journey to the End of the Night

D'Marc Cantu   Funk in Fear Pt1

Craig Williams   Last Moment (ft Philosophique Girl)

Drexciya   You Don't Know

Drexciya   Hi Tide

Model 500   Vessels In Destress

Legowelt   Hazy City Lights

Second Storey   Offbeat World

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