Shadows of Tomorrow :: 8:00pm 4th Dec 2017

Delving deep into the musical cosmos this episode with lots of dubby drops past and present as well as some swinging electro from outer space.



Low Jack   Side A

Martyn   Brilliant Orange (Beat Version)

Disrupt   Echobombing

Earlham Mystics   Ada L

Sasha Renkas   Thomas in Canada

Lily   Thoughts of Liana

Tornado Wallace   Primitivo Aperitivo

Daphni   Xing Tian

Ikonika   Oral Suspension

Burnt Friedman & Mohammad Reza Mortazavi   Yek 128-12

Jay Glass Dubs   Definition Dub

Alpha and Omega meets The Disciples   Dancing on a Rainbow

Arpo   I Look Like I Look in a Tinfoil Mirror

Escape Artist   Archipelago

Jensen Interceptor   Glide Drexler

Second Storey   No Such Location

DMX Crew   Bush Baby Bug Eyes

Adult   Private Conversations

AB2088   Line Trace

Drexciya   Bubble Metropolis

Japanese Telecom   Cigarette Lighter

DMX Crew   Language Response

Visage   I'm Still Searching

Leo Minor   Body Politic

Claro Intelecto   Eye Spy

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