Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 10th Jul 2019 – Joseph Allred

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album 10-07-2019:

Joseph Allred – ‘O Meadowlark’

Available HERE , also check HERE


Evandro Dresch White :: [Vallarsa Vol. 1]

Ben Walker The Island (feat. Bella Hardy) :: [Echo]

Joseph Allred The Woods In The Morning, And The Angel Descends :: [O Meadowlark]


Tunng No Man Can Find The War (Tim Buckley) :: [This Is Tunng... Magpie Bites and Other Cuts]

One Eleven Heavy Three Poisons :: [Desire Path]

Tame Impala Jeremy's Storm :: [Innerspeaker]


Joseph Allred Spotlight Selections 10-07-2019 ::

1. Joseph Allred The Porch In The Morning, And The Angel Returns :: [O Meadowlark]

2. Lydia Mendoza Malagueña Salerosa :: [La Gloria De Texas]

3. Farid Al Atrash Ya Zahratan Fi Khayali :: [v/a A Visit To The Nile]

4. Ostâd Nur Ali Elâhi Farangi Suite :: [The Sacred Lute: The Art Of Ostâd Elâhi]

5. Edden Hammons Queen Of The Earth & Child Of The Skies :: [Collection Vol.2]

6. Joseph Allred The Woods In The Day, And Faulkner Ascends Through The Trees :: [O Meadowlark]


GLOK Cloud Cover :: [Dissident]

Is Bliss I Tried :: [Strange Communication]

Custard Flux Gold :: [Echo]


Joseph Allred Mother Of Believers :: [O Meadowlark]


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