Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 12th Feb 2020 – Burnt Paw

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album 12-02-2020:

Burnt Paw – ‘The Owl With Two Faces’

Available HERE


Henry Parker Willie O Winsbury :: [Silent Spring]

James Elkington Nowhere Time :: [Ever-Roving Eye]

Burnt Paw Blue Deer Sky :: [The Owl With Two Faces]


Emile Weight Of The World :: [The Black Spider / Det Kollektive Selvmord]

Charles Rumback & Ryley Walker Idiot Parade :: [Little Common Twist]

Custard Flux Echo :: [Echo]


Burnt Paw Spotlight Selections 12-02-2020 ::

1. Burnt Paw The Child Who Lived Among Horses :: [The Owl With Two Faces]

2. Alasdair Roberts Europe :: [The Fiery Margin]

3. Burd Ellen Morning Come, Maria’s Gone :: [EP]

4. Kitchen Cynics & Grey Malkin The Singing :: [The Wonder Room]

5. Bell Lungs Wolves Behind Us :: [Wolves Behind Us]

6. Burnt Paw Nine Sisters :: [The Owl With Two Faces]


Nebular Wave Sickness X-1 :: [Chicxulub]

Steve Palmer Squalor :: [Useful Histories]

Flyying Colours Big Mess :: [Single February 2020]


Burnt Paw Spirit Forest :: [The Owl With Two Faces]

Lastryko Trzy :: [Tętno Pulsu]

The Sonic Dawn Soul Sacrifice :: [Enter The Mirage]


White Heaven Blind Promise :: [Out]

Michio Kurihara Pendulum On A G-String - The Last Cicada :: [Sunset Notes]

Burnt Paw Hymn To Goddess :: [The Owl With Two Faces]

William Tyler We Can’t Go Home Again :: [Impossible Truth]

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