Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 13th May 2020 – Rose City Band

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album 13-05-2020:

Rose City Band – ‘Summerlong’

Available HERE


Steven John Hopkins Some Summer Day :: [Solace In Solitude EP]

Marissa Nadler Solitude (Black Sabbath) :: [v/a What Is This That Stands Before Me?]

Rose City Band Floating Out :: [Summerlong]


The Lazy Eyes The Seaside :: [EP 1]

Andrew Tuttle Cambridge Drive Shopping Centre :: [Alexandra]

Switch Doctor Bloom :: [Single May 2020]


Rose City Band - Ripley Johnson - Spotlight Selections 13-05-2020 ::

1. Rose City Band Morning Light :: [Summerlong]

2. Jimmy Carter & Dallas County Green Summer Brings The Sunshine :: [Summer Brings The Sunshine]

3. Kenny Knight Carry Me Down :: [Crossroads]

4. Jerry Garcia The Wheel :: [Garcia]

5. Rose City Band Only Lonely :: [Summerlong]


Moon Duo Planet Caravan (Black Sabbath) :: [v/a What Is This That Stands Before Me?]

Mt. Mountain Deluge :: [Single May 2020]

Soft Power Orange Red Yellow :: [Brink Of Extinction]


Rose City Band Empty Bottles :: [Summerlong]

Levitation Room Pass It On :: [Headspace]

Black Mountain Flux :: [Single May 2020]


The Lazy Eyes Tangerine :: [EP1]

Minami Deutsch Nishi No Jiku :: [Can't Get There EP]

Rose City Band Wee Hours :: [Summerlong]

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