Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 13th Sep 2017

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album 13-09-2017:

Luna – ‘A Sentimental Education LP’ & ‘A Place Of Greater Safety 10″‘

Available through Luna


Anonymeye Janitor Of Luna Park :: The Disambiguation Of Anonymeye

Michael Head & The Strands And Luna :: Magical World Of The Strands

Luna Car Wash Hair (Mercury Rev) :: A Sentimental Education


Luna Spanish Odyssey :: A Place Of Greater Safety

Vetiver Luna Sea :: S/T

Luna Sweetness (Yes) :: A Sentimental Education


Galaxie 500 Submission (Sex Pistols) :: Peel Session

The Sand Pebbles Spilt Wine :: Pleasure Maps

Beaches` Turning :: Second Of Spring


Luna Fire In Cairo (The Cure) :: A Sentimental Education

Loop Aphelion :: Array 1

RMFTM Rapture :: Fuzz Club Session


Midlake Roscoe :: Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Remix

Wooden Shjips Crossing :: Andy Weatherall Remix

Cheval Sombre Couldn't Do :: The Time & Space Machine Remix


Luna GTX3 :: A Place Of Greater Safety

Electric Moon Hotel Hell :: Lunatics

Luna Gin (Willie "Loco" Alexander) :: A Sentimental Education


TBWNIAS Faster Train (redux) :: v/a Return Of Son Of Gutbucket - A Canadian Psych Explosion

White Manna Speed Dagger :: Bleeding Eyes

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