Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 14th Aug 2019 – Here Lies Man

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album 14-08-2019:

Here Lies Man – ‘No Ground To Walk Upon’

Available HERE



Andrew Stranglen Eerie Red Pony :: [v/a Converted Bread Truck]

Grails Deep Snow II :: [Chalice Hymnal]

Here Lies Man Washing Bones :: [No Ground To Walk Upon]


Six Organs Of Admittance With Teeth (Melvins) :: [Aquarium Drunkard: Lagniappe Sessions]

Motorpsycho Psychotzar :: [The Crucible]

Buried Feather Nuclear Suzi :: [Single August 2019]


Here Lies Man Clad In Silver :: [No Ground To Walk Upon]

Saariselka Void :: [advance: The Ground Our Sky]

Danny Paul Grody Sunrise, Looking East :: [Longform Editions - LE025]


Levi J. Burr No Ego dose :: [Guitar Soli EP]

Zeitgeber 1010110 - {Self} :: [Transforming The Random Crushing Forces Of The Universe Into Manageable Patterns]

Here Lies Man Man Falls Down :: [No Ground To Walk Upon]


Monarch Beyond The Blue Sky :: [Beyond The Blue Sky]

Possum The Hills :: [Space Grade Assembly]

Here Lies Man Iron Rattles :: [No Ground To Walk Upon]


Charlie Schmidt Return To The Great San Bernardino Birthday Party :: [Sheep In Wolf's Clothing]

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