Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 18th Sep 2019 – D.C. Cross

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album 18-09-2019:

D.C. Cross – ‘Ecstatic Racquet’

Available HERE


Rob Noyes The Square Planet :: [v/a Ivy (home recordings) - Infinity Vine Records]

Henry Parker Silent Spring :: [Silent Spring]

D.C. Cross Bad Mood Dude With Twilight Shirt :: [Ecstatic Racquet]


Hiss Golden Messenger Cat's Eye Blue :: [Terms Of Surrender]

Guaxe Nilo :: [S/T]

Yagow Snake Charmer :: [S/T]


D.C. Cross Spotlight Selections 18-09-2019 ::

1. D.C. Cross Drugged Up Madonna :: [Ecstatic Racquet]

2. John Fahey Sunflower River Blues :: [Death Chants, Breakdowns & Military Waltzes]

3. Bert Jansch Angie :: [S/T]

4. Leo Kottke Vaseline Machine Gun :: [6 & 12-String Guitar]

5. Enya Aldebaran :: [S/T]

6. John Fahey The Portland Cement Factory At Monolith, California :: [Days Have Gone By, Vol. 6]

7. D.C. Cross Gambetta Or Neukölln :: [Ecstatic Racquet]


Boduf Songs Gimme Vortex :: [Abyss Versions]

Blackwater Holylight The Protector :: [Veils Of Winter]

Swervedriver Never Lose That Feeling/ Never Learn :: [Mezcal Head]


D.C. Cross Notre Dame Is Burning :: [Ecstatic Racquet]

Jjuujjuu A Forming :: [Frst]

The Silence Yokushurui :: [Metaphysical Feedback]


Allysen Callery Sweet Golden Bee :: [v/a Ivy (home recordings) - Infinity Vine Records]

D.C. Cross Tuesday Morning, Thursday Night (Friedrichshain Suite) :: [Ecstatic Racquet]

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