Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 20th Apr 2022 – Large Plants

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album 20-04-2022:

Large Plants – ‘The Carrier’

Available HERE


Andrew Tuttle   Overnight's A Weekend [Fleeting Adventure]

Paul Weller   Aim High (Like Water Needs A Flower) (The Amorphous Androgynous Remix) [Wake Up The Nation]

Large Plants   The Witch [The Carrier]


Wolf People   Cotton Strands [7”]

The Cro Magnon Band   Thunder Perfect [7”]

Wolf People   Rhine Sagas [Ruins]


Large Plants   The Carrier [The Carrier]

Hologram People   Return To Chapel Perilous [Return To Chapel Perilous]

Dibson T. Hoffweiler   Other Desert Cities [Joshua Tree & Other Desert Cities]

Calexico   Caldera [El Mirador]


Grossman / Morris-Smith   "Curious Music I" I. Catalogue of Dreams, II. Miles Beneath Antarctica [Curious Music]


Jack Sharp   Good Times Older [Good Times Older]

Jack Sharp   Mild Terror [7”]

The Cro Magnon Band   Green Smoke [7”]

Large Plants   Never Seen [The Carrier]


Black Brunswicker   Leave Me Here [High Peaks]

Pneumatic Tubes   Joyous Lake [A Letter From TreeTops]

Al Lover   A Very Mechanized Dance [Cosmic Joke]


Large Plants   Don't Let Me Let You Down [The Carrier]

Wolf People   Kingfisher [Ruins]

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