Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 21st Jun 2017

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album 21-06-2017:

The Radiation Flowers – ‘Summer Loop’

Available through Cardinal Fuzz


Brad Wood Dogtown Blues :: Strays EP

Tombstones In Their Eyes Always There :: Fear EP

The Radiation Flowers Walking Down The Street :: Summer Loop


Dave Brock We Took The Wrong Step :: Looking For Love In The Lost Land Of Dreams

Monobrow The Decline Of The West & Other Small Tragedies :: The Nacarat

Hawkwind Have You Seen Them :: Into The Woods


The Radiation Flowers Just Go Away :: Summer Loop

The Demon Parade She's Dope :: Stone Circles EP

Doug Tuttle Turn This Love :: S/T


James Elkington Wading The Vapors :: Wintres Woma

Juke Sunset Smile :: Chimera's Tale

Steve Gunn Way Out Weather :: Dusted


The Radiation Flowers Sunrise :: Summer Loop

Kikagaku Moyo The Spinning Wheel (Blonde On Blonde) :: Split 7" w/ Moon Duo

The Black Delta Movement Southlands :: Seven Circles EP


The Stevenson Ranch Davidians The High Meadow :: Amerikana

Marisa Anderson The Golden West :: Into The Light

Elder Staving Off The Truth :: Reflections Of A Floating World

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