Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 23rd Dec 2020 – End Of Year Special Pt.1

Sideways Through Sound 23-12-2020

The first of two programs wrapping up 2020 in music.

Next week (30-12-2020), the Countdown to #1 !!


Josh Kimbrough   Sunbathing Water Snake [Slither, Soar & Disappear]


David A. Jaycock   John Barleycorn (Ayrshire) [Murder, And The Birds]

Mute Forest   Crater Laugh [Riderstorm]

Wax Machine   Patterns [Earthsong Of Silence]


Allysen Callery   Tarot Card [Ghost Folk]

Ezra Feinberg   Acquainted With The Night [Recumbent Speech]

Vuelveteloca   Puentes Etéreos [Contra]


Hollow Ship   Stay Sane [Future Remains]

Silver Scrolls   Walk 1 - a) Concrete Visions [Music For Walks]

Solitär   Awake [1989]


The M1   Behind The Shed [Megawati EP]

Justin Pinkerton   Ix Chel [Aak'ab]

Moths & Locusts   Ghengis Khan [Exoplanets]


Alien Mustangs   Darklands [Beat Of The Earth]

Flying Moon in Space   Steam Water Solid [S/T]

Here The Captain Speaking, The Captain Is Dead   Lithium Sturm [Flux Capacitor]


Jason Simon   A Venerable Wreck [A Venerable Wreck]

The Oscillation   Drop [v/a Psych Against Cancer Vol 2]

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