Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 25th Jul 2018

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album I 25-07-2018:

Nathan Salsburg – ‘Third’

Available through No Quarter

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album II 25-07-2018:

Daniel Bachman – ‘The Morning Star’

Available through Three Lobed

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album III 25-07-2018:

P.J. Philipson – ‘Linotopia’

Available through LCR


Kadonnut MannerRuottitiitti Kiskoo ::The First Train To Kajanaland

Robin AllenderTrain Dreams ::Train Dreams

Nathan SalsburgImpossible Air ::Third


Prana CrafterAt The Dawn ::Enter The Stream

P.J. PhilipsonSunlight On Open Stairs ::Linotopia

Yawning ManSkyline Pressure ::The Revolt Against Tired Noises


Daniel BachmanNew Moon ::The Morning Star


Nathan SalsburgWalls Of The World ::Third

John KilbeySuite Of Hearts ::Rozam Kobar

BrokebackWill Be Arriving ::Brokeback & The Black Rock


FuturopacoBambino Tiranno ::S/T

AstrodomeDawn Gardens ::II

P.J. PhilipsonLinotype ::Linotopia


Nathan SalsburgRuby's Freilach / Low Spirits ::Third

Daniel BachmanSong For The Setting Sun III & IV ::The Morning Star

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