Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 25th Oct 2017

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album I 25-10-2017:

Grinding Eyes – ‘S/T’

Available through Tym Records


Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album II 25-10-2017:

Hobo Magic – ‘The World Today’

Available through Hobo Magic


Glenn Jones & Matthew Azevedo Portrait Of Basho As A Young Dragon :: v/a Basket Full Of Dragons: A Tribute To Robbie Basho Vol. II

Buck Curran Bad Moon Rising (CCR) :: Immortal Light

Grinding Eyes Something Feels Better Then Nothing :: S/T


Matteo Fiorini The Most Peculiar Wreck :: Le Grand électrificateur des âmes

All Them Witches Elk.Blood.Heart :: Our Mother Electricity

Hobo Magic Follow The Holy Riff :: The World Today


Grinding Eyes Crystallised :: S/T

Stay Always Here :: Always Here EP

The Spiral Electric A Better Way :: Ask The Sky


Gunn-Truscinski Duo Seagull For Chuck Berry :: Bay Head

Three Seasons Life's Road :: Life's Road

Hobo Magic Lady Of The Groove :: The World Today


Tombstones In Their Eyes Shutting Down :: Single October 2017

The Baudelaires Whet Denim :: Musk Hill

Grinding Eyes So Clear :: S/T

ORB O.R.B. :: Naturality

Hobo Magic Hobo Magic :: The World Today

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