Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 26th Jul 2017

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album 26-07-2017:

Mark Fosson – “Solo Guitar”

Available through Drag City


Alexander Side B :: Split 7" w/ Rob Noyes

Will Stratton Dreams Of Big Sur :: Gray Lodge Wisdom

Mark Fosson Still Ain't Got No Home :: Solo Guitar


Tim Pilcher & Monica Lord Spring Wheat :: S/T

Lewis & Clarke Black Doves :: Blasts Of Holy Birth

Blaak Heat The Approach To Al-Mu'Tasim :: Shifting Mirrors


Mark Fosson - Spotlight Selections 26-07-2017 audio below ::

Mark Fosson Mr Perkins :: Solo Guitar

Jean Ritchie Bandy Rowe :: Marching Across The Green Grass

Jefferson Airplane Embryonic Journey :: Surrealistic Pillow

Bill Williams Pocahontas :: Low & Lonesome

Peter Lang When Kings Come Home :: v/a Fahey, Kottke, Lang

Mark Fosson The Creeper :: Solo Guitar


The Orange Kyte Morning Pages :: Grow It Right

Interkosmos Hypnotizer :: S/T / Hypnotizer

Los Acidos Al Otro Lado :: S/T


Mark Fosson Miss My Baby :: Solo Guitar

Gravenhurst Cities Beneath The Sea :: Fires In Distant Buildings

Fletcher Tucker I Became Smoke :: Cold Spring


Rhyton Turn To Stone :: Redshift

The Well Guinevere (D. Crosby) :: Pagan Science

Rob Noyes Side A :: Split 7" w/ Alexander


Mark Fosson Blue March Improvisation :: Solo Guitar

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