Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 28th Jul 2021 – SENNEN / Shoegaze Special

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album 28-07-2021:

SENNEN – ‘Widows’

Available HERE


SENNEN   Widows [Widows (Expanded Edition)]


My Bloody Valentine   Soon [Loveless (1991)]

My Bloody Valentine   New You [M B V (2013)]


The Laurels   Traversing The Universe [Plains]

The Black Ryder   To Never Know You [Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride]

Flyying Colours   Boarding Pass [Fantasy Country]


Slowdive   Souvlaki Space Station [Souvlaki (1993)]

Slowdive   Sugar For The Pill [Slowdive (2017)]


SENNEN   Forty Years [Widows (Expanded Edition)]

The Early Years   Song For Elizabeth [The Early Years]

bdrmm   Push/Pull [Bedroom]

SENNEN   Watch The Skies [Widows (Expanded Edition)]


Chapterhouse   Falling Down [Whirlpool (1991)]

Lush   Fantasy [Spooky (1992)]

Cocteau Twins   Cherry-Coloured Funk [Heaven Or Las Vegas (1990)]


Ride   Seagull [Nowhere (1990)]

Ride   Charm Assault [Weather Diaries (2017)]


SENNEN   Next Day [Widows (Expanded Edition)]

Slow Crush   Collide [Aurora]

DIIV   Acheron [Deceiver]

SENNEN   It’s Not Like It Used To Be [Widows (Expanded Edition)]

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