Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 29th Jan 2020 – Helicon

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album 29-01-2020:

Helicon – ‘This Can Only Lead To Chaos’

Available HERE


Evandro Dresch Birth ::[Vallarsa Vol.2]

Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions Golden Hair ::[7”]

Helicon Glasgow Uni Accent ::[This Can Only Lead To Chaos]


Elephant Stone We Cry For Harmonia ::[Hollow]

Hexvessel Demian ::[Kindred]

Arbouretum A Prism In Reverse ::[Let It All In]


Helicon Spotlight Selections 29-01-2020 ::

1. Helicon Sound Of Confession ::[This Can Only Lead To Chaos]

2. Bardo Pond Tommy Gun Angel ::[Lapsed]

3. The Cure Lullaby ::[Disintegration]

4. Lalo SchifrinMain Title ::[OST Dirty Harry]

5. Asteroid No.4 Rukma Vimana ::[S/T]

6. Spacemen 3 Revolution ::[Playing With Fire]

7. Helicon In The End ::[This Can Only Lead To Chaos]


Wawawow The Big Cookoff ::[Single January 2020]

The Dalton Correction Rayón ::[Stolen From…]

Mythic Sunship Ophidian Rising ::[Changing Shapes]


ElkhornElectric Two (part A) ::[The Storm Sessions]

Helicon The Sun Also Rises ::[This Can Only Lead To Chaos]

Evandro Dresch Death ::[Vallarsa Vol.2]

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