Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 30th Dec 2020 – End Of Year Special Pt.2

Sideways Through Sound 30-12-2020

Wrapping up a stellar year in music, this is the final program for 2020.

Scroll down to check the Top 10 and a handful of audio-visual treats.

Happy New Year, stay safe & keep watching the skies XX


Sideways Through Sound Top 3 for 2020

3. Zip-Zapp – ‘The Hand Of God’

Available HERE

2. White Canyon & The 5th Dimension – ‘S/T’

Available HERE

1. Turtle Skull – ‘Monoliths’

Available HERE


Nick Jonah DavisThe Peacock Dance ::[When The Sun Came]


Emile Life Upside Down ::[The Black Spider / Det Kollektive Selvmord]

The Sonic Dawn Loose Ends ::[Enter The Mirage]

Brown Spirits Express Train To Jupiter ::[Vol.3]


Buried Feather Earthquake ::[v/a We're Gonna Miss You]

Causa Sui Szabodelico ::[Szabodelico]

Automatism Heatstroke #2 ::[Immersion]


Top 10 for 2020 ::

10. D.C Cross Night Pill For McGill ::[Terabithian]

10. The Laurels Ex-Sherpa ::[Album 2020/ 2021]

9. Andy Bell Indica ::[The View From Halfway Down]

8. Hawkwind Assault and Battery / Golden Void ::[Live 50]

7. Six Organs Of Admittance Two Forms Moving ::[Companion Rises]

6. Magick Brother & Mystic Sister Utopia ::[S/T]

5. Helicon Sound Of Confession ::[This Can Only Lead To Chaos]

4. Kimono Drag Queens Wild Animals ::[Songs of Worship]

3. Zip-Zapp! Polarity ::[The Hand Of God]

2. White Canyon & The 5th Dimension Everything Is Light ::[S/T]

1. Turtle Skull Why Do You Ask? ::[Monoliths]

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