Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 30th Jun 2021 – Mid-Year Showcase

Sideways Through Sound Mid-Year Showcase 30-06-2021:

A cherry-picked selection from the last 6 months of releases…


Dean McPhee   The Alchemist [Witch's Ladder]


Angad Berar   Moonlovin’ [Elephants On The Beach]

Hans Hjelm   Valley Of The Kings [Factory Reset]

White Canyon & The 5th Dimension   Oroboros [Spectral Illusion]


The Black Heart Death Cult   Death From Above [Sonic Mantras]

Sacred Shrines   The Hunter [Enter The Woods]

Zeahorse   20 Nothing [Let's Not (And Say We Did)]


Six Organs Of Admittance   All That They Left You [The Veiled Sea]


Pekka Laine   The First Autumn Day [The Enchanted Guitar Of Pekka Laine]

Chico Mann   Here Lies Man [Double Life]

Mt Mountain   Peregrination [Centre]


Cheval Sombre   Time Waits for No One [Time Waits for No One]


Peel   DYNA [Single March 2021]

SONS OF ZÖKU   Sacred [Single June 2021]

Bonetwister   Frankenstein Gets Free Membership [Single May 2021]

The Seven Ups   Abode Of The Clouds [Single January 2021]


New Candys   Factice [Vyvyd]

Holy Monitor   River [Southern Lights]

Flyying Colours   Boarding Pass [Fantasy Country]

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