Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 4th Jul 2018

Sideways Through Sound Spotlight Album 04-07-2018:

Gwenifer Raymond – ‘You Were Never Much Of A Dancer’

Available through Tompkins Square


Nathan Golub One For Lu :: Good Fortune

The Amazing Pull :: In Tranzit

Gwenifer Raymond Off To See The Hangman Pt.I & II :: You Were Never Much Of A Dancer


The Skygreen Leopards Roman Orchards Pt.1 & 2 :: The Jingling World Of The Skygreen Leopards

Los Acidos Al Otro Lado :: S/T

Purling Hiss Walkin' With Jesus (SP3) :: 7"


Gwenifer Raymond Spotlight Selections 04-07-2018 ::

1. Gwenifer Raymond Requiem For John Fahey :: You Were Never Much of A Dancer

2. Mississippi John Hurt Avalon Blues :: The Complete 1928 OKeh Recordings

3. John Fahey Requiem For John Hurt :: Requia

4. Skip James Devil Got My Woman :: The Complete Early Recordings

5. Gwenifer Raymond Dance Of The Everlasting Faint :: You Were Never Much of A Dancer


Toby Hay At The Bright Hem Of God :: The Longest Day

Crypt Trip Soul Games :: Rootstock

Mondo Drag Rising Omen :: The Occultation Of Light


Gwenifer Raymond Sack ‘Em Up Pt.I & II :: You Were Never Much of A Dancer

Cambrian Explosion Temple Song :: The Sun EP

Mark McDowell & Friends Light Of Love :: Dark Weave


Negro Porcelana :: Clase Media

Gwenifer Raymond Sometimes There’s Blood :: You Were Never Much Of A Dancer

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