Sideways Through Sound :: 8:00pm 5th Jan 2022 – End Of Year Special 2021


Danny Paul Grody   Holding Pattern [Furniture Music II]

Angophora   Currents [Together]

Arboria   Devotion [II]


Six Organs Of Admittance   All That They Left You [The Veiled Sea]


Mt. Mountain   Dawn [Centre]

The Black Heart Death Cult   One Way Through [Sonic Mantras]

Grinding Eyes   When The Night Falls [Taste The Monochrome]


Dean McPhee   The Alchemist [Witch's Ladder]

Hans Hjelm   Valley Of The Kings [Factory Reset]

The M1   Oceana Pde [Alternate Routes]

Nick Garbett & Mike Majkowski   Headless [The Glider]


Pekka Laine   Déjà Vu [The Enchanted Guitar Of Pekka Laine]


Geir Sundstøl   Våg [St.Hanshaugen Steel]

Marissa Nadler   Couldn't Have Done The Killing [The Path Of The Clouds]

New Candys   Factice [Vyvyd]


Singles - Sounds Of Things To Come 2022  

BALTHVS   Turkish Coffee [Single December 2021]

Druid Fluids   Flutter By [Single November 2021]

Loop   Halo [Single December 2021 - Sonancy: advance]

Lamp Of The Universe   Return As Light [Single June 2021]


Sideways Through Sound Top 3 - 2021  

3. The Laurels   Borrowed Time [Homecoming]

2. Comet Control   Inside The Sun [Inside The Sun]

1. SONS OF ZÖKU   Believe & Transcend [SÜN]

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